Give your pet freedom yet keep it safe from harm

Pets love to be out in the fresh air, enjoying their freedom and being able to explore and forage. But you obviously can’t just let them out of the door (particularly if you own a dog) as they may stray or wander into a busy street or road.

If you’re lucky enough to own a large fenced garden, they’ll have the space to explore (although your cat will be an adept ‘escape artist’ and still be prone to the dangers on the other side of the fence). The other problem is that you need to constantly ensure that your fence is maintained and that there are no gaps in it that your dog can get through. Also, not all smaller gardens have the space to be 100% safe or private.

Specially designed containment systems offer the ideal solution if you want your pet to have freedom yet keep it from escaping, or being injured by road traffic.

You don’t even have to erect unsightly fences as the systems can be laid below ground or even operate wirelessly, you just determine the boundaries that will keep your pet safely protected and relax in the home as it enjoys the fresh air outside.

There are lots of owners who have experienced the benefits of this but here’s one testimonial we found:

“It’s evident that my Lab Sam has always longed to have a garden he could explore, bask in the sun, roll around and be a dog in his own right. My family and I recently moved into a house that has a garden, and I wanted to give him access to it with a pet door and a containment system.

We gave our dog the access and freedom we all wanted, and in a few weeks my dog was enjoying going out without being able to wander off. I’m not exaggerating when I say the experience has changed our lives with our dog.”


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