Planning a Trip with your Dog

Our pets are an important member of our family, and we want to include them in as much of our activity as we possibly can! If you’re going on a trip now the weather is improving make sure you’re following our guide for a fuss-free journey…

Step 1. Vets Trip
Before setting off on your vacation, no matter how far or long, make sure your four-legged friend is up to date with their vaccines because new surroundings bring new threats to their health.

Step 2. Plan
In preparation for long car journeys, get your dog used to travelling in the car with you on short trips to get them used to being in a vehicle. When on the journey, schedule extra time for your canine companion to stretch their legs and have toilet breaks. Aim for a 15 to 30 minute break every 30 to 40 minutes, this will give them chance to release any energy and keep them calmer during transition.

Taking your dogs’ regular food is also recommended because finding the same isn’t always possible somewhere new. Pack dry food in daily bags for when you’re on the move to save time and be prepared for the possibility of being out all day.

Step 3. Check the weather
The forecast may not always be 100% correct, but being prepared for any less than ideal weather will give you the best advantage for making the most out of your precious time on holiday.

If it’s cold, keep the majority of the day’s plans inside or, do as we do and keep wrapped up! If your dog has short fur or is older, investing in a fleece lined jacket will protect them from the elements.

If you’re unlucky enough to get caught in the rain, plan accordingly for excess traffic or closure of certain areas.

Step 4. Find pet-friendly accommodation
Once you’ve decided you’re taking your dog away with you, it’s important to find out whether where you’re staying will allow dogs. There are plenty of websites available to help you choose a doggy-friendly accommodation, and provide loads of extra information such as local walks, pet-friendly tourist areas and pubs to help you plan your trip as much as possible.

Step 5. Dog care
If you’re planning some days without your dog, don’t leave them unattended. Unfamiliar surroundings can make your dog anxious and being alone can make it worse.

Step 6. Update ID
As you’re away from your regular vet, make sure to update your pooch’s ID and keep their health information with you. If your dog ends up lost on your trip, the quickest and easiest way to be reunited is by having current information on a collar and on their microchip.

Planning before setting off on your trip means you can enjoy your time making the most of having your dog by your side, so it’s time to buckle up and hit the road!

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