Keeping Cats & Dogs Safe Around BBQs

As the summer nights are growing longer and more inviting, there’s opportunity for family, friends and a few four-legged fluffballs to get together for a sizzling BBQ.

And as it’s National Barbecue Week, it’s perfect timing for us to share our tips to help you make sure everyone enjoys the occasion safely. Follow these tip for keeping your pets safe around a barbecue…

Fire – Charcoal/Gas/Electric/Wood

gas charcoal bbq types

The most obvious hazard of a barbecue is the heat from the fire and the risk of burns.

Cats may jump on to the hot grills in an attempt to scavenge scraps and large dogs often lean into the bowl or ash catcher of a barbecue singeing their fur – or worse.

  • Ensure your barbecue is on level and stable ground
  • Don’t leave it unaccompanied if you’ve got pets around
  • Once food is prepared, cool off the coals and embers as soon as possible

Food – Meat/Bones/Skewers

bbq meat bones skewers pet safety

Pets love to eat whatever they can get their paws on, including things that aren’t healthy for them or stumble on utensils that could pose a risk of injury.

Raw meat and the bones are very common around a barbecue, and can prove serious hazards to our furry friends. Kebab skewers and sticks can be particularly nasty, as are maize cob prongs.

Keep plates out of reach and quickly get rid of any rubbish to remove the temptation.

Drinks – Alcohol/Glasses

bbq alcohol glass safety

Alcoholic drinks are dangerous for our pets as alcohol is toxic for both cats and dogs.

Their bodies are sensitive to even the smallest sip of beer or wine, so keep your drinks out-of-reach on a table where they can be enjoyed by the of-age humans only!

Also, consider plastic cups instead of glasses to reduce any breakages, as broken glass is much more difficult to clear from grass and patios.

Sun Protection – Dogs/Cats/Hydration

sunscreen protection for cats and dogs

Sun protection for our pets is as important for them as it is for us. Pet friendly sun cream is available in some pet stores and is important when spending extended periods in the sun. Read our post on Sunscreen for Cats & Dogs to find out more.

Make sure there is also access to shade and plenty of fresh water to reduce risks of dehydration and heatstroke.

Do you have a summer BBQ story to share with us? Let us know below.

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