The security benefits of having a pet

As pet owners, we already know there are countless benefits of having a dog. We feel safer at home in the knowledge that our canine friend is to hand should we feel threatened by potential intruders. Break-ins are a terrifying experience, in particular if it happens while you’re at home, so the presence of a dog can be a very comforting factor both to help prevent and provide protection should the worse happen.

Dogs’ barking can work to deter burglars and alert residents and neighbours and studies show that burglars are less likely to target houses where dogs reside due to the increased risks of detection, arrest or injury. Their acute hearing means your dog will likely be alert to any usual noises or disturbance often before a break in, so helping to increase our sense of security and peace of mind.

There’s a reason why a dog is called ‘man’s best friend’ – dogs are fiercely loyal creatures and won’t think twice before putting themselves in danger to protect and defend you. Their immediate barking at any potential danger to you or your family can help alert others and raise the alarm. And it’s not necessarily the case that it’s just larger dogs who are better for security; they may look more intimidating, but small dogs can have just as lively a bark and it’s this noise which can make all the difference as an alarm.

Dogs have very quick reactions, more so than humans, and will most often act immediately upon detecting anything unusual. This fast action can be enough to scare off an intruder, or may be the difference between alerting you in time to get to safety and call the police.

Another highly useful advantage of our furry security guards is that they come with their own very effective weapons – their teeth and claws! Anyone who’s experienced the power of a determined dog’s jaw will know their vice-like grip will clamp on to something (or someone) until they decide otherwise. For those who wouldn’t feel confident or comfortable defending themselves in an emergency, this can be very reassuring to have a willing and ‘armed’ protector constantly nearby.

So not only do they bring us companionship, joy and even benefits to our health and well-being, but dogs also help us to feel more safe and secure. And after all, we think a furry alarm system is the best kind any day!

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