Right Pet Door for Cats

Does your cat use a cat flap? If she does, you'll already know all about the benefits. A cat flap, or
pet door as they're now commonly known, gives your cat the freedom to come and go when she
pleases. No longer do you need to get up to let your cat out when she starts to miaow at the back
door, or even let her back in when she's had her fill of the great outdoors. A simple bit of plastic
does the job for you, leaving your cat in charge of where he spends his time.

What you might not know is that you can get much harder working pet doors than the simple plastic
flap. Electronic pet doors are now available, and these give you extra peace of mind about how
they're being used.

Two Way Pet Doors

Two way pet doors are very simple: they can either be open or closed. It's great to be able to have
the option to lock your pet door down, especially if you're going away. Simple lockable cat flaps are
available that come with an extra panel that can be fitted on the inside. If you don't want your cat, or
any neighbourhood cats, to use the flap, just put in the extra panel.

Four Way Pet Doors

Four way pet doors are a similar idea to two way doors, but they're a bit more technologically
advanced! These doors work electronically to offer four different settings: open, closed, in only and
out only.

Magnetic and Infra-red Doors

Sometimes, cat flaps can invite unwelcome visitors. Neighbourhood cats, stray cats and even foxes
have all been known to let themselves in through a handy cat flap. This can lead to aggression
between your cat and the visitors, to food being stolen and mess being made. If this is a problem
where you live, you probably want to take steps to prevent it! Using a ‘smart’ pet door might be just
the solution. These doors have sensors built in that detect signals from special collars. When your
cat is wearing the linked collar, the pet door will unlock for his use. If another animal approaches
the door without the linked collar, the pet door will stay locked.

Microchip Doors

Microchip pet doors are just like magnetic and infra-red doors – but more clever! The sensor in the
pet door can be linked with your cat's unique microchip, and it will only unlock for use when he
approaches. This kind of door is more reliable than those that use electronic collars, as a microchip
can't be lost or broken like a collar can. It's advised that all pet owners take responsibility for
microchipping their pet, and these pet doors make their microchips even more useful.

Of course, it's not just these options you'll need to choose between. Pet doors also come in a variety
of different colours, shapes and sizes. Think about which one is right for your cat, as well as which
one is right for the place you want to install it. A well chosen pet door will make your life, and your
cat's, much easier.

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