• Does the Treat & Train™ work without me?
  • Can I train multiple dogs at once with the Treat & Train™?
  • Can the system interfere with radio and/or television reception?
  • Can this be used for cats/other animals?
  • Does the dog wear a training collar?
  • Does the Treat & Train™ come with a warranty?
  • How does the Treat & Train™ know to dispense the treats?
  • How does the Treat & Train™ work?
  • How much training/time does this take?
  • How old does my dog have to be to use the Treat & Train™?
  • Is the Treat & Train™ waterproof?
  • My system doesn’t seem to be working properly. What can I do before calling Customer Care?
  • My Treat & Train™ is not dispensing treats. What should I check?
  • Can this be used outdoors?
  • How hard is it to set up?
  • Is the training collar waterproof?
  • My dog might paw the food dispenser. Will that be a problem?
  • What if I have questions not found here or in the manual?
  • What is the Treat & Train™ Remote Reward Dog Trainer?
  • What kind of batteries does the Treat & Train™ take and how long do they last?
  • What kind of treats can be used with it?
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