Simply Clean™ Continuous Self-Cleaning Litter Box System




  • Do I need to purchase a special brand of cat litter for Simply Clean?
  • Do I need to purchase special waste container bags for the Simply Clean?
  • How many cats can use the Simply Clean?
  • How often do I need to change the recycled bag for the Simply Clean?
  • How old does my kitten need to be before using the Simply Clean?
  • Is the Simply Clean loud or disruptive and will the continuous movement scare my cat?
  • My Simply Clean makes a grinding noise when the bowl rotates.
  • My Simply Clean seems to be clicking or making unusual sounds.
  • The litter is gathering at the base of the Simply Clean conveyor.
  • The Simply Clean green indicator light is not on.
  • Waste is breaking up into small pieces and falling through the Simply Clean conveyor.
  • Will my cat fit in the Simply Clean?
  • Will the Simply Clean use more litter than my traditional litter box?
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