Waste Management Solutions

Pets can have good toilet habits with these innovative solutions.

Cats, by nature, are very clean and particular regarding how and where they do their business, so training them to use a litter box is relatively simple, with a little patience.

They like the feeling of security when they have a clean, quiet and private place to go, and the ScoopFree'" Self Cleaning Litter Box from PetSafe gives them exactly that.

Scoop Free'" is a clever device that makes both cats and owners lives easier as it uses disposable litter trays pre-filled with special crystals litter that have unbeatable odour control.

It's so convenient. owners can leave it alone for weeks at a time as it rakes litter automatically so they don't have to see. touch, or smell messy waste. ScoopFreeTY . Free from odour. Free from hassle.

And now there's Pet Loo — a synthetic lawn toilet that contains pet waste in one designated area  indoors or out. The unique drainage system requires minimum cleaning making it both a hygienic and convenient solution for pet and owner.

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