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For a pet who's a real joy to own

For a pet who's a real joy to own

At PetSafe® Brand, we understand a well-trained dog will enjoy a better quality of life. We also understand that cats are curious and sometimes need to be kept off the worktops. That’s why we've developed a range of Training Systems that offer a choice of communication method, whether this be a static, spray or ultrasonic remote trainer to help resolve behavioural issues effectively. All our electronic Training Systems uphold the rigorous standards of pet protection as laid out by the Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association™ – ECMA™.


With static remote trainers your dog will quickly learn the association between his behaviour and your training through an electrical stimulation.

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A mist is sprayed in order to interrupt the dog’s unwanted behaviour.

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A Remote Trainer that emits ultrasonic tones that only your dog can hear, helping to correct unwanted behaviours.

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Training Systems help you give your pet a better quality of life

We offer a wide choice of effective and proven solutions to suit different dogs and different needs. Consider your dog’s weight and temperament when choosing a remote trainer. Do you have more than one dog? Do you need your remote trainer to be waterproof?

  • Resolve behavioural issues effectively
  • Prevent dogs from being a danger to themselves
  • Strengthen the partnership between you and your dog by combining remote training with play
  • Deter pets from strolling into out-of-bounds areas

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ECMA™ - The Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association™

The ECMA™ philosophy is to develop products that promote animal welfare and enhance owners’ communication and relationship with their pets.

As a founding member of ECMA™, PetSafe® Brand has a continuous concern to improve the well-being of pets; giving them harmony and integrating them into everyday life. PetSafe® Brand is committed to meeting the requirements laid out in the ECMA™ standards for pet protection products.

All PetSafe® electronic Training Systems meet these requirements.


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