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Radio Systems Corporation Unveils New Products at Zoomark


Radio Systems Corporation, owners of Petsafe®, is taking two stands at this year’s Zoomark 9-11 May. At stand A60 in hall 19, PetSafe will be displaying the latest products from its Containment Systems, Training Systems and Bark Control categories.

These products include the Stay+Play Wireless Fence advanced containment system, the ST-100 Remote Trainers, the ST-70 Basic Remote Trainer as well as a range of new bark control products including the Deluxe Outdoor Bark Control and the Ultrasonic Bark Control.

Following the recent acquisition of ScoopFree and FroliCat, visitors to the show will also be able to see these product lines for the first time under the Radio Systems Corporation banner at stand 27 in hall 22.

PetSafe’s products are developed following extensive animal behaviour research and are designed to enhance the special relationship between owners and their pets. The ST-100 Remote Trainers boasts new technology with 16 levels of static stimulation, which are easy to follow on an advanced digital display. The training aid allows owners to train their dog from as far as 100 metres - quickly teaching the dog to associate behaviours with the training. The collars are available in two sizes for little (over 3.6 kg) and big dogs (over 18 kg). The ST-70 Basic Remote Trainer has 12 levels of stimulation and allows training up to 70 metres and is suitable for small and large dogs over 3.6 kg.

Zoomark 2013 will also see a new addition to the Containment Systems category with Stay+Play Wireless Fence which allows dogs to roam freely within a 32-metre radius. The dogs are warned when approaching the boundary, firstly through an audible tone and then by a harmless static stimulation, which gains the pet’s attention. The fence is suitable for dogs over 2.3 kg.

The Deluxe Outdoor Bark Control system, on the other hand, has been designed to curb unnecessary and excessive barking with a programmable timer that allows owners to decide when they want to activate the device. The waterproof and behaviourally responsive system deters barking by emitting an unpleasant but harmless ultrasonic tone in reaction to a dog’s bark; when the barking stops, so does the tone. Similarly, the new Ultrasonic Bark Control collar emits a tone and can be worn by dogs over 3.6 kg. Both products are inaudible to most humans.

PetSafe’s Drinkwell® Ceramic Avalon Pet Fountain will also be on display at Zoomark 2013. These superb pet fountains ensure pets remain hydrated throughout the day through dual patented free-flowing streams of water, which add oxygen for freshness, while replaceable charcoal filters remove bad tastes and odours. The fountain holds up to two litres of water, with two drinking areas.

International Marketing Director, Angela Critchley: “We are constantly looking for ways to expand and improve our product offering in order to meet the needs of today’s pet owners. Having steadily built on our core areas of Containment, Training and Bark Control Systems through NPD, we’ve also expanded into new categories by means of acquisition.”

Following the acquisition of ScoopFree and FroliCat, visitors to stand 27, Hall 22 will also witness these innovative products under the Radio Systems Corporation banner for the first time in Europe. A convenient self-cleaning litter box, ScoopFree cat litter trays offer a sought after solution to indoor pet waste management and are effective for weeks at a time. Disposable trays and premium crystal litter ensure minimal hassle for the owner and eliminate unwanted odour.

The FroliCat range, consists of a selection of cat toys to stimulate and engage; FroliCat Bolt, Dart, Flik and Pounce feature a combination of rotating, zooming, darting and twitching objects for the cat – or dog – to ‘prey’ on.

About PetSafe®

PetSafe® is a global pet product expert in Containment Systems, Training Systems and Bark Control with its headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. Today the PetSafe brand also encompasses a comprehensive line of Pet Doors including an advanced Microchip Identification cat flap. In addition, a range of specialist products focusing on pet wellbeing fall under the Health & Wellness category which includes the popular Drinkwell® Pet Fountains. The Play & Challenge category further diversifies the PetSafe product portfolio by offering a unique range of treat-dispensing Busy Buddy® toys.

Other products include the Easy Walk™ Harnesses and Headcollars. The latest acquisitions by PetSafe see Lucky Litter LLC products, ScoopFree® innovative litter boxes and award-winning FroliCat™ toys, and Pet Loo by Pup-Pee Solutions© brought to the market.


Media Contact

For info about Radio Systems® Corporation, PetSafe® brand, interview requests or marketing materials, contact:

International Media Enquiry
Angela Critchley
International Marketing Director
+44(0) 1257 208948

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PetSafe® brand has built its success on the knowledge that pets are a member of the family. As a company of pet lovers, our 500+ worldwide employees produce the industry’s most popular and innovative products in pet training, containment, safety and lifestyle for an audience dear to our hearts: our own pets. This dedication to quality has helped our company expand on an international scale from our headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee to offices in the Canada, Great Britain and China.