Dexter’s Diary: Dexter moves in

Welcome back to our series following Dexter the Cocker Spaniel through his first six months growing up! He’s now been at his forever home for two weeks and is having all sorts of adventures. In case you missed the first two parts, catch up with Molly’s Pregnancy and Introducing Dexter.

At 8 weeks old, a puppy is full of energy. They are fully mobile and ready to learn all about the world around them (and tire out poor mum too…!) It’s only after two months that the puppies are old enough to re-home, and this is usually done between 8 and 12 weeks.

New place to call ‘home’

Dexter cocker spaniel exploring in the home

It’s a big world for a little pup!

With such keen senses, a new environment can be very overwhelming for a young puppy. They’ll want to see and sniff everything in sight. Dexter was brought into the home of Max and Michael to join their family which also includes two older Cavalier King Charles spaniels, George and Milo.

Their new home was set up with the essential to welcome the new addition and he got straight to work finding his new bedroom.

With having two other dogs, Dexter is being crate trained, working towards it becoming his go-to place for when he wants some quiet time (and hide his goodies he doesn’t want to share!) In his crate is his bed (including a square of blanket which has his mum’s scent on), water bowl and toys.

Becoming part of the family

Cavalier King Spaniels and Cocker Spaniel  on wooden floor

From L to R: Milo, George, and Dexter

As Dexter has left his own siblings and enters a new home with two other dogs, their personalities have adapted to fit a new member into their pack. The older of the two, George, found new brother a bit of a shock! To reassert his position as the leader he has become more protective of his food and space. Milo is younger and has found a new shadow in the form of Dexter, he’s taken the little pup under his paw and is acting like a real big brother.

First night

Dexter Cocker Spaniel asleep on the sofa

No mischief can be caused whilst they’re sleeping!

It’s an exciting and overwhelming time for both puppy and owner having a new bedtime routine, but it is important to begin training from his first night at home. So, for Dexter, it’s taking a trip outside for the bathroom before going in the crate with a treat-filled toy (such as our Busy Buddy® Twist ‘n Treat™). This reduces the risk of any accidents during the night and keeps him entertained and discourages barking.

The first few nights are always hard work, and Dexter’s re-homing was no different. After 3 hours he settled down from whining but it’s important that this undesired behaviour is ignored so it doesn’t become routine (however hard it is to ignore the sad whining of a puppy you’ll be glad you did!)

Next steps

Dexter Cocker Spaniel outside on the frosty grass

…only little steps I hope, I haven’t got very long legs!

Dexter is learning so quickly. Just like human children, puppy’s infantile stage is their most mentally absorbent phase. He is learning his name and what is expected of him, but soon his world is going to get much bigger! In next month’s diary, Dexter gets his second jabs and will be fully vaccinated to explore the big wide world.

What do you think of Dexter and his adventures so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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