Diary of Dexter: Introducing Dexter the Cocker Spaniel

On Thursday 10th November 2016, Cocker Spaniels Molly and Ted welcomed their first litter of six beautiful puppies!

Molly and Ted the Cocker Spaniels

Molly                                                                             Ted

In the litter of six there are three boys and three girls and as you can see, mum looked extremely proud of her new brood! Read about the birth here.

Molly with her new-born puppies

The first weeks…

For the first two weeks after birth, puppies rely on their sense of touch and smell which are present as soon as they are born. Their mother is their main influencer and their movement is limited, they’re taking lots of ‘power naps’ which is essential to their development – being this cute is tiring work!

Dexter and brothers and sisters

Dexter and his brothers and sisters                                   Dexter

The variety of colouring in a Cocker Spaniel can depend not just on their parents’ dominant colouring but also their recessive gene. In the case of Molly’s pups, all six were born with a majority liver (chocolate) colouring with a golden nose. Only Dexter, whose fur colouring included any white touches, seen here on his forehead and around the nose.

Dexter the Cocker Spaniel cuddling with his siblings

Dexter’s distinctive colouring

Growing up quickly…

From two weeks to a month old, puppies gain their sight and begin to develop teeth as well as their hearing and smell senses. Dexter is influenced heavily by his mother still and the rest of the litter – it is at this phase that a well socialised parent pup will affect how the puppies react to human interaction. From three weeks, they should begin to be socialised by meeting other pets in the home and some human interaction.

Cocker Spaniel puppies playing together

      Dexter’s brothers playing

Each month we’ll be catching up with Dexter and how he’s settling into his new home with two older dogs and how he progresses through life’s big firsts.

Next in the Diary of Dexter… ‘Dexter joins the family’.

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