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29 Novembre 2018

UK Release

Global pet product expert, PetSafe® Brand will be launching its first global marketing campaign this December, a Christmas-themed initiative designed to engage existing customers and attract new audiences. The new #PetSafeAdvent campaign will be executed across five of the business’ core markets – UK, USA, Canada, Australia and France.

#PetSafeAdvent will have an advent calendar theme and be run exclusively on social media via the PetSafe® Brand Facebook and Instagram accounts. Consumers will have the chance of winning different prizes everyday throughout December until Christmas day.  To win, consumers must complete puzzles or caption pictures and prizes will range from smaller items such as Busy Buddy® toys through to bigger ticket items including Drinkwell® Pet Fountains. The campaign will centre on the popular PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap as each door of the ‘Advent calendar’ will be designed to look like the Pet Door itself.

Angela Critchley, Global Marketing Director for PetSafe® Brand, said: “The aim of this campaign is to engage consumers with our brand in a fun way during gifting season and draw attention to key products, particularly the PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap, a hero item in our range. This is the first time our core markets have joined forces on a campaign and as we continue our expansion, we’ll increasingly look for similar opportunities to help us generate the maximum possible brand impact.”

The focus of the #PetSafeAdvent campaign, the PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap is a high-tech pet door that has been designed to give cats easy access to the outside world while keeping out troublesome unwanted cats and other animals. The door works by reading a cat’s unique microchip ID and doesn’t require the cat to wear an additional collar or accessory. Suitable for cats up to 8 kg, it can be easily programmed for up to 40 microchipped cats, making it ideal for both single and multi-cat homes.
Featuring a built-in draught excluder, the PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap is simple to install and extremely secure, boasting a reinforced dual auto-latch with a four-way manual lock. Furthermore, it’s suitable for almost any type of door or window, as well as brick walls.  The RRP is £79.99.