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The Ultimate Game of Fetch Launches in the UK

13 Ottobre 2016

UK Release

A game of fetch is heaven for most dogs, but it can become a little repetitive for owners who lovingly pitch balls in various directions while their dog shows no signs of tiring.

Luckily for weary pet owners, PetSafe® Brand has developed a stimulating yet simple play solution. Launching this September, the Automatic Ball Launcher will keep dogs entertained as well as boosting their regular exercise routine, which will be a saviour to owners, particularly as the nights start to draw in and play during evening walks becomes more difficult. Suitable for all breeds of dog, the launcher is also an excellent option for those owners who are unable to throw a ball for their pet, for example the elderly or disabled.

Battery or mains operated and weighing just 4kg, the ball launcher can be easily moved around or transported to gardens and parks using its carry handle, for additional play enrichment.

The innovative new launcher, which has already become a huge hit in the USA, has nine distance settings to launch a ball from 2.5 to 9m, and six ball angle settings up to 45 degrees, stimulating both mental and physical activity. Plus, with a built-in delay of 15 seconds after the dog has placed the ball back in the launcher, dogs can also gain valuable waiting skills with owner training, as well as a short rest. To mark the launch, PetSafe® Brand is also unveiling a short video (, with Patch the dog showing exactly how much fun can be had with the launcher.

Angela Critchley, International Marketing Director for PetSafe® Brand, said: “We’re so excited to be bringing this product to the UK. It provides the perfect play partner for dogs without requiring constant interaction from owners. The various settings mean it can suit any size of dog and any environment, whether inside or outside, and will even work in the Great British rain! Not only will dogs get tons of exercise and mental stimulation using the Automatic Ball Launcher, they will also learn valuable skills to fetch and return.”

There is no limit to how many dogs can play at once as the Launcher holds up to three standard sized tennis balls, with an automatic rest function after 15 minutes of play to make sure dogs don’t get over-tired. Plus, there is no need to worry about being caught by a stray ball as the specially designed in-built motion sensors ensures people and pets are safely out of range. Furthermore, a warning sound is played before the ball is launched. Available now, the Automatic Ball Launcher has an RRP of £129.99 and will be available via the PetSafe® Brand website and selected retailers.