Training Systems

For a pet who's a real joy to own

For a pet who's a real joy to own

At PetSafe® Brand, we understand a well-trained dog will enjoy a better quality of life. We also understand that cats are curious and sometimes need to be kept off the worktops. That’s why we've developed a range of Training Systems that offer a choice of communication method, whether this be a harness, a headcollar or a clicker to help resolve behavioural issues effectively.

Clicker & Treat Training

Reward your pet for good behavior with clickers.

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Harnesses & Headcollars

A popular, practical and stylish way to discourage pulling so you can both enjoy walks.

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Training Systems help you give your pet a better quality of life

Choosing the right training tool


It’s easy to teach your pet new commands and prevent bad behavior with a clicker. Clicker training pairs a marker, the click sound, with a reward, a small treat or praise, to teach your dog quickly and effectively. The click happens when your pet performs a behavior you want, such as sitting or staying, and it signals to your pet that a reward is coming. Behaviours that are rewarded get repeated. Pets often learn quickly and enjoy trying to figure out what you want from them.

  • Help you communicate effectively with your dog or cat
  • Are easy to use to teach your pet obedience commands
  • Reinforce good behavior with a click and a treat
  • Resolve behavioural issues effectively
  • Strengthen the partnership between you and your pet by combining training with rewards

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Harnesses and Headcollars

We have a full range of Easy Walk® Harnesses and Headcollars to suit all breeds and sizes of dog - and cats too. To help you in your choice of Easy Walk® product, we’ve put together leaflets so you can choose the right size.

  • Train your dog whilst enjoying your walk
  • Comfortably stops your dog pulling and jumping
  • Headcollar helps control excessive barking
  • No choking, gagging or coughing

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Feature Product

Easy Walk® Harness

Gently discourage your dog from pulling on the lead.

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