Barking and Your Neighbours

When your dog barks, it doesn't just disturb you. Loud barking, either during the day or at
night, can also disturb your neighbours.

Nuisance barking is one of the biggest causes of conflict faced by dog owners. It can lead to
situations such as;

  • Strained relations with neighbours
  • The threat of eviction from rented accommodation
  • Noise abatement notices being served by the local council
  • Prosecution under the 1990 Environmental Protection Act

If you're facing a situation like these, there is a solution. Bark Control systems can stop your
dog barking quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly of all, safely.

The first step to taking control of your dog's barking is to try and determine why he's doing it.
Most barking, though annoying, is completely normal. What you need to decide is whether
the noise your dog is making falls into this normal category, or whether it's associated with a
need or a separation anxiety. If you decide that your dog has a form of anxiety, this will need
to be addressed before a Bark Control system can be introduced.

There is a wide selection of Bark Control products available, designed to suit you, your dog,
and your situation perfectly. What they all have in common is that they use behavioural
activation; meaning they're controlled by your dog's barking, not you. This means that they
always deliver a consistent result, and that your dog will learn much quicker. When your dog
barks, the system will automatically deliver an unpleasant stimulation. These are completely
safe and humane, but will discourage your dog from continuing to bark.

Bark Control devices can be positioned on a dog collar, or in an indoor or outdoor device that
can be positioned where needed. Outdoor devices are especially helpful if you're being
disturbed by a neighbour's dog. They're designed to look like a birdhouse, and can be
discreetly hung in your garden. Whenever your dog, or your neighbour's dog, barks within
15m of the device, it will emit a high pitched noise that is unpleasant to dogs, but inaudible to

There are four different types of anti-bark dog collars. They all work in the same way, by
sensing when your dog is barking and delivering an unpleasant stimulation, but they use
different types of stimulation.

  • Spray stimulation sprays an unscented or citronella mist on your dog's neck.
  • Static stimulation uses a pulse of static electricity. This is the most popular and well researched option.
  • Ultrasonic stimulation emits a harmless but annoying high frequency noise.
  • Vibration stimulation uses a low frequency vibration on the underside of your dog's neck.

If you're worried about how these stimulations will affect your dog, you don't need to. Bark
Control systems tend to be effective at a very low intensity – they'll surprise your dog, not
hurt him. Many systems automatically increase the intensity of the stimulation if the barking
continues. This means that they start very low, and only get bigger when needed.

It's important to introduce a Bark Control system slowly, and to follow the instructions for
each different product carefully. It's also vital to do your research carefully, and spend some
time thinking about which type of Bark Control product is the most appropriate for your pet.

Ultimately, Bark Control systems reduce nuisance barking and stress, both for you as the dog
owner, and your neighbours. They use safe methods to ensure that dogs and humans can live
together peacefully, and to avoid conflicts caused by unnecessary noise. This is what makes
Bark Control systems valuable social tools!

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