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For a pet who’s full of fun

For a pet who’s full of fun

At PetSafe® Brand, we believe every pet deserves to have fun. And so we created a range of toys to ensure a longer lasting playtime, giving hours of fun and stimulation for cats and dogs of all ages. Busy Buddy® toys are designed to improve pet health and keep pets alert and active. They’ll even be rewarded with tasty treats as they play. FroliCat® Teaser and Laser toys provide fun exercise for your pet.

Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

As your dog plays, the treats fall randomly through the opening for hours of reward-filled fun.

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Puppy Toys

We know how to keep cheeky, easily bored puppies happy. Features softer rubber safe for puppy teeth.

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Cat Toys

Cats love a fun toy too. Our treat dispensers turn mealtime into playtime, and our FroliCat® Laser & Teaser toys provide the ultimate in interactive play.

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Enrichment Dog Toys

Our Busy Buddy® Pogo Plush® Balls are a long-lasting alternative to the usual plush toys.

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Keep your pet busy playing, chewing and having fun.

Just like people, pets need fun. And we've a whole toy box full of ideas to:

  • Stimulate and engage your pet
  • Exercise both body and mind
  • Help keep them healthy and alert
  • Distract them from chewing furniture, shoes, or other inappropriate items
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FroliCat® interactive toys your cat will flip for

FroliCat® laser toys engage your pet in hours of fun, interactive play using random laser patterns. Point the laser yourself or let the toy do it automatically. Your cat will be bouncing off the walls to catch that little red dot.


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