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Keep your dog or cat safe

Keep your dog or cat safe

Pets love to be out in the fresh air, with freedom to explore. But just letting them out isn’t always practical or safe. As a responsible owner you’ll want to keep your pet close to home and out of harm’s way. With a PetSafe® Containment System you’ll be able to do just that with our range of smart, hidden fence kits. All of our Containment Systems uphold the rigorous standards of pet protection as laid out by the Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association™ – ECMA™.

In-Ground Fences

Our original pet fence systems create a hidden fence via an In-Ground wire which works with a receiver collar.

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Wireless Fences

No wires, just a clever transmitter to create a hidden fence which works with an electronic receiver collar.

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Avoidance Systems

Keep your pets away from areas inside and outside your home.

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Traditional, In-Ground, or Wireless Fence?

  Difficulty Install Time Cost
Wood/Vinyl/Chain Difficult 3 - 5 Days €2,290 - €4,590
In-Ground Medium 1 - 2 Days €126 - €245
Wireless Easy 1 - 2 Hours €168 - €268

Numbers quoted are averages based on fencing 0.2 hectares (20.2 ares). Prices may vary.

Customised In-Ground

  • Bury wires around your yard
  • Easy DIY weekend project
  • Custom pet area tailored to any yard
  • Keep pets out of garden, pool, etc.

Portable Wireless

  • Easy to set up & adjust without wires
  • 1-4 hour setup — plug, train, & play!
  • Covers circular area up to 0.3 hectares (30.4 ares)
  • Portable for vacations & trips



How do Containment Systems work?

Containment Systems use a surprising electrical stimulation to discourage a dog or cat from moving outside the defined boundary. Your pet will wear an electronic receiver collar with contact points that rest on the underside of their neck. Containment Systems are behaviourally activated by your pet; should he stray beyond the boundary set by the transmitter, he will receive an electronic stimulation. Pets quickly learn to respect the perimeter and soon avoid the stimulation completely.

In-Ground Fences are perfect for customised boundaries in big gardens

With an In-ground fence, you’ll bury wires in your garden to set your pet’s boundaries. A boundary wire system:

  • Creates a perimeter of any shape
  • Can have exclusion areas within it
  • Is buried just under the ground and can run through streams
  • Can be extended up to 25 acres (selected systems)
  • Will not require planning permission (where a high and visible fence might)
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Wireless Fences provide easy-to-install pet boundaries

Wireless fences create an adjustable circular area in your garden. A wireless fence system: 

  • Creates a circular boundary
  • Can be taken with you on holiday or be used for a permanent move
  • Is effective up to a diameter of 64 metres (selected systems)
  • No planning permission required (where a high and visible fence might)
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Choosing the right Containment System

We offer a range of solutions to suit different pets and different needs. You’ll need to consider your pet’s temperament and weight and also the size of the area you want to contain your pet in. 

ECMA™ - Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association™

The ECMA™ philosophy is to develop products that promote animal welfare and enhance owners’ communication and relationship with their pets.

As a founding member of ECMA™, PetSafe® Brand has a continuous concern to improve the well-being of pets, giving them harmony and integrating them into everyday life. PetSafe® Brand is committed to meeting the requirements laid out in the ECMA™ standards for pet protection products for sale in European Union countries.

All PetSafe® Containment Systems meet these requirements.


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