Train your dog. Enjoy your walk.

The perfect solution for a well-behaved dog

Let’s face it, it’s not much fun walking with a dog that pulls on the lead or jumps up at other dogs and their owners.

That’s why the Easy Walk® Harness and Headcollar provide the perfect solution to all these doggy challenges.

They’re easy to fit, won’t cause choking, gagging and coughing, help manage behavioural problems such as fear, anxiety, aggression or excessive barking and are comfortable for your dog to wear.

Recommended by vets and trainers, they’re suitable for all types of dog and are available in a choice of sizes and colours.

So now, both you and your dog can enjoy a stress-free walk together.

Easy Walk® Harness

This is the ideal way to prevent your dog pulling on the lead but you can be happy knowing it won’t cause any harm or discomfort.

This is because the unique front-chest lead rests low on the breastbone, which means your dog is restrained from being wilful and is gently steered into your side, making him easier to control.

Quick snap buckles make it really easy to attach and four adjustment points let you create a perfect fit. The harness is made from soft but strong nylon so it’s hardwearing yet comfortable.

The Easy Walk® Harness is suitable for all breeds of dog and is available in a range of colours and sizes.

Easy Walk® Headcollar

An alternative training solution that uses a simple loop which fits neatly around your dog’s nose.

The unique design applies gentle pressure to the back of your dog’s neck rather than the front of the throat like conventional collars restraining it from pulling and preventing unwanted behaviour.
Simple and easy to fit, it’s made from soft nylon and is lined with a felt pad for comfort. It’s also compatible with most leads.

The Easy Walk® Headcollar is suitable for most dog breeds and is available in a range of colours and sizes.

Which is best for your dog?


The Easy Walk® Harness and Headcollar provide the perfect solution for your dog if he’s giving you problems by pulling or behaving badly when you’re out walking with him.

They give you complete control by preventing pulling, jumping or excessive barking yet won’t cause harm or discomfort to your pet due to their unique design. They’re recommended by vets and trainers and are available in several sizes and colours making them suitable for all types of dog.






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Written and developed in conjunction with
David Chamberlain BVetMed. MRCVS
Veterinary Consultant to PetSafe

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