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Improve Pets’ Health and Wellbeing with New PetSafe® Toys

16 Marzo 2015

Building on the success of the existing Busy Buddy® and FroliCat™ collections, global pet product expert PetSafe® is introducing new and exciting toys that are set to be a big hit with pets and their owners: For dogs, the toys are: the Busy Buddy® Ultra Super Sub™, Busy Buddy® Ultra Stratos™, Busy Buddy® Ultra Woofer™, whilst for cats there’s the FroliCat™ CHATTER™ and FroliCat™ CHEESE™.

The fun Busy Buddy® Ultra Super Sub™ features knobbled nylon “buns” sandwiching rubber spacers and two ultra-thick treat rings. Designed to hold a dog’s interest for a longer period of time, the treat rings spin on their posts allowing very little surface area for dogs to grip on to. Designed with determined chewers in mind, Busy Buddy® Ultra Stratos™ holds two ultra-thick treat rings, as well as a textured rubber centre for extra chewing satisfaction. Busy Buddy® Ultra Woofer™ is another durable toy that turns destructive chewing into positive playtime for a longer time. The extra-wide ends of the Woofer™ protect a single ultra-thick treat ring, making it more difficult for the dog to grip on the treat ring.

The two new automatic cat teasers, FroliCat™ CHATTER™ and FroliCat™ CHEESE™ are specially designed to provoke a cat’s natural hunting instinct, consequently encouraging movement and promoting overall wellbeing. FroliCat™ CHATTER™ is a self-righting ball with a moving golden bird teaser attachment, while FroliCat™ CHEESE™ offers cats a fun peek-a-boo game as two mice pop out of each side of a Swiss block of cheese.

International Marketing Director, Angela Critchley said: “Our Play and Challenge range of products has gone from strength to strength since it was first launched and we’ve been keen to expand the offering. The new and existing toys in our Play and Challenge range are designed to improve a pet’s health and wellbeing and keep them alert and active, and we are sure there will be plenty of interest in the new products.”