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29 Noviembre 2018

Canada Release

TORONTO, ON. Global pet product manufacturer, PetSafe® Brand [is set to launch/has recently launched] its first global marketing campaign across five of the business’ core markets – UK, USA, Canada, Australia and France.

#PetSafeAdvent has an advent calendar theme designed to delight PetSafe® customers and engage new audiences. In Canada, contests will be run exclusively on social media via the PetSafe® Canada Facebook and Instagram accounts. Canadian consumers will have the chance of winning different prizes everyday throughout December.  To win, participants must complete puzzles or caption pictures. Prizes include Canadian blogger favourites like the Busy Buddy® toys through to bigger ticket items including Drinkwell® Pet Fountains.

Angela Critchley, Global Marketing Director for PetSafe® Brand, said: “Canada is an important market for us, and we’re excited to connect with our Canadian customers in a fun way during gifting season. Pets are family members, and our Canadian consumers, like their global counterparts, love including them in their holiday plans.”

As the brand continues to gain market share in Canada and internationally, PetSafe® Brand has plans to support this growth with more creative and engaging global campaigns. PetSafe® products are currently available across Canada at all major pet retailers and many specialty boutiques.