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PetSafe® Brand ‘Share The Love’ with New Campaign

16 Marzo 2016

In celebration of the nation’s cats and dogs pet product expert PetSafe® brand is kicking off a new campaign to encourage pet owners across the country to enjoy quality playtime with their pets – and share the fun!

Launched during national pet month, PetSafe® brand is teaming up with 10 play partners - including animal homes, journalists, bloggers, pet hotels and cafes - and asking them for their top playtime tips, even if time is precious. The partners will share video clips of their pets having fun, encouraging other owners to do the same.

Throughout April ten good causes are set to benefit from ‘Share the Love’ with the play partners nominating a charity of their choice to receive a donation of toys from PetSafe® brand. Organisations nominated so far include: Battersea Dog and Cat home, Cats Protection and Muffin Pug Rescue, with more to come.

PetSafe® spokesperson Angela Critchley comments: “Play contributes significantly to a pet’s ‘quality of life’ both physically and mentally and playtime can be a huge part of ensuring a close bond between owner and pet.”

She adds: “Through this campaign we hope to raise awareness of the importance of play for pets and owners alike. As we lead busy lives we don’t always have lots of time for playing with pets and it’s important that we get the best out of the time we do have. Quality playtime – with great toys - can’t be underestimated.”


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PetSafe® brand ‘Share The Love’ with new campaign

PetSafe® brand launches international ‘Share The Love’ campaign