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Playtime for Gables Farm Kittens

07 Octubre 2016

UK Release

The kittens at Gables Farm Dogs’ and Cats’ Home may be forgiven for thinking that Christmas has come early this year following the delivery of a bag full of toys from a leading pet brand.

The team at PetSafe® Brand, who produce a range of toys, gadgets and training tools for cats and dogs, spotted the news that the Plymouth charity was being inundated by unwanted litters of kittens. As a result, they made the donation of specially designed cat toys to help distract the little ones and hopefully give the staff at Gables Farm a bit of a break from the constant duty of entertaining them.

Angela Critchley, International Marketing Director for PetSafe® Brand, said: “We were sad to hear of the number of unwanted kittens being left on the doorstep at Gables Farm and we wanted to do something to try and help. The team there do a remarkable job and it certainly can’t be easy looking after so many cats and dogs whilst also trying to focus on rehoming them so we sent a bundle of toys that should keep the kittens out of trouble, for a little while at least!”.

Gables Farm is Plymouth’s oldest local animal charity and earlier this year the centre put out a plea for owners to ensure their cats are neutered following a spate of abandoned kittens.

Claire Sparkes, General Manager at Gables Farm, said: “We’ve had an unprecedented number of kittens through the doors this summer so it’s lovely to have a big pile of PetSafe® toys for them to play with. The treat dispensing toys that you can dangle from doorways are particularly popular and it’s great to see them engaging with toys that challenge them as well as appealing to their natural hunting instinct!

“We’re working hard to give them the best start in life but what we really want is to see these kittens find new forever homes. Now they’re a bit older they are ready for adoption so we’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in a new family companion.”