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Some Exciting New Toys From PetSafe® Brand

03 Junio 2016

Australia Release

Global pet product expert, PetSafe® Brand is proud to introduce some new additions to their Play and Challenge range of quality products:

Busy Buddy® Fun Durables

Consists of three animal shaped toys designed to help ensure a dog’s love of chewing is positive for its health, reward and learning - a key part of their design. Each toy has a Treat Meter™, which can be customised to control the rate treats are released. The rounded design also means dogs will find it hard to get a proper grip on their new friend, ensuring hours of interest and entertainment.

Cow Wow™ is a vibrant purple cow, round in shape to help with games of throw and fetch. Elephunk™ the green elephant is another brightly coloured ball-shaped companion, and Hippster is a round blue hippo with chewable ears. All three animal companions are available in Small and Medium/Large and are made from super durable materials to stand up to even the most persistent chewer.

Busy Buddy® Squeak ‘n Treat

The new Busy Buddy® Squeak ’n Treat toys are the first treat-dispensing toys that are designed to also squeak.
Troog has two separate treat-dispensing chambers and a squeaker, each treat-dispensing chamber features a Treat Meter™, which can be customised to control the rate the treats are released.

Bouncing in unpredictable ways, Booya™ keeps dogs interested in play, while the Treat Meter™ randomly dispenses treats. Half squeaky toy, half treat-dispensing toy,

Ooga also includes a Treat Meter™ and is made from durable rubber making it a fun and safe toy for those determined chewers.

Funkitty® Doorway Dangli

The new Doorway Dangli dispenses treats while cats try to capture the rabbit tail hanging securely from a doorframe.

Funkitty® Fishbowl

Watch your curious cat try to fish out the food from the clear plastic Fishbowl and have fun smelling and catching the treats inside. There’s no need to worry about it toppling over as the weighted base prevents the bowl from overturning.

Ideal for cats of all ages, this treat-dispensing toy will keep your cuddly companion engaged and entertained for hours. The Fishbowl can be used to dispense a small amount of dry treats or enough kibble for an entire meal - you control the portion size. For easy cleaning, just pop the bowl onto the top rack of the dishwasher.