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Top Tips To Keep Pets Secure & Calm This Bonfire Night

04 Noviembre 2018

UK Release

While Bonfire Night is regarded as a night of celebration for most humans, for pets it can be a frightening and distressing time.  Rather than associating the loud firework noises and flashes of light with enjoyment, pets’ acute hearing means they can get frightened and run away.

To help ensure pets stay stress-free and happy this Bonfire Night, PetSafe® Brand has compiled the following top tips:

1. Prepare in advance. Think ahead as much as possible, so if you have a dog, try to take it for a walk during daylight hours to avoid them being outside when the fireworks start. If you are making your own bonfire, safely lock your pet indoors earlier in the day and before lighting it, check underneath to make sure there isn’t a hedgehog or two hibernating there!

2. Get chipped. Ensure your pet is microchipped well ahead of the fireworks season as stressed pets tend to behave irrationally and could try to escape, subsequently becoming lost or disorientated.

3. Keep them indoors! Ensure your pet is inside before the fireworks start – the Microchip Cat Flap from PetSafe® Brand is ideal for keeping cats secure. Don’t forget to leave internal doors open though so your furry friend can move around freely.

4. Make home a haven. Ensure your home is as protected as possible so close windows and curtains and even try putting on some relaxing music to help calm your pet. Prepare a cosy quiet place for them to settle if they do show distressed behaviour.

5. Keep them distracted! Try to encourage your pet to play with their toys or get them a new toy to keep them even more engaged. For hours of playtime fun for dogs try the award-winning Grip ‘n Tug™ or for cats try the new FroliCat® ZIP Automatic Laser Light

6. Ignore the noise! If you are indoors during the firework display ignore the sounds as much as possible so your animal follows your example and realises there’s nothing to worry about. Carrying on normally helps show your pet that the fireworks aren’t going to harm them.

7. For outdoor furry friends. If your pet lives outside cover most of its pen/hutch/cage to protect them from the sound and flashes. Do however leave a small opening so that your animal can see out. If you have a small pet, the hutch should be put inside your house or garage hours before the fireworks/bonfire starts.

8. And finally…If you are concerned about your pet at any time, call the veterinary centre you are registered with immediately for advice and further assistance.