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Radio Systems Corporation® Acquires Motivation Designs LLC, Makers Of Kurgo®

29 Octubre 2018

UK Release

PetSafe® Brand parent company expands portfolio with travel and outdoor adventure products for dogs

Radio Systems Corporation® (RSC) – owner of PetSafe® Brand and SportDOG® Brand, has today announced the acquisition of Motivation Design LLC, makers of Kurgo® pet products.

Based in Minnesota, USA, Kurgo® has a portfolio of innovative, highly functional and easy-to-use pet travel products that allow families and pets to experience outdoor travel and adventure together. Kurgo’s outside-the-home product line is positioned to capture the active lifestyle pet goods market which is a large category with significant growth potential.

“The acquisition of Kurgo® will enable us to expand our reach to customers seeking adventure outside their home,” said Angela Critchley, International Marketing Director of Radio Systems Corporation®. “Our customers tend to focus on spending more quality time with their pets, which includes bringing their dog on outdoor adventures with them.

The Kurgo® product portfolio helps to keep dogs safe during outdoor excursions. This acquisition will enable us accelerate the expansion of our travel and access category which we began in 2017 with the acquisition of Solvit™ and help us better serve our customers. Kurgo’s passion for adventure pet products is also in sync with the PetSafe® Brand mission to help pets and their owners live happy lives together.”

Kurgo® co-founder Gordie Spater said, “We are excited about this new chapter for Kurgo® products. We take our work personally and each product we create solves a real need to help more people enjoy time outside their house engaged with their dog. We are proud of the fact that our gear helps dogs to be a central part of family adventures and outdoor travel. With the expanded scale of Radio Systems Corporation®, we’re looking forward to seeing how Kurgo® products will impact more families’ lives.”

Popular Kurgo® products include products for traveling in the car with your dog such as car seat covers, crash-tested harnesses, booster seats and backseat barriers as well as products to make outdoor excursions a success such as active harnesses, backpacks for dogs, dog life jackets, leads and collars.

Kurgo® was represented in this transaction by Cascadia Capital LLC, an investment bank serving middle market clients globally.