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Easy fit doors for cats and dogs of all sizes

Our extensive range of Pet Doors is designed for cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes. They’re easy to fit in doors, walls or windows and come in a range of manual and automatic options from simple magnetic locking systems through to our smart doors which allow pets wearing the clever ‘smart key’ to gain access.


Cats love their independence. Choose from our extensive range of Manual, Magnetic, Infra-red or Microchip activated cat flaps for cats up to 7 kg.

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Big Cat/Small Dog

Big cat that could do with more exercise? Small dog full of energy? We have the perfect solution for pets weighing up to 10 kg.

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Medium Dog

Keep them stimulated and happy. We have practical and affordable options for medium-sized dogs weighing up to 18 kg.

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Large & Extra Large Dog

And of course we cater for large dogs up to 45 kg and extra large dogs up to 100 kg. If you have the space, we have the solution!

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Pet Doors give your pet more freedom

If your home environment is safe and secure, then installing a pet door can provide your cat or dog with the exercise, freedom and stimulation they crave. And these days with technological advances such as Magnetic and SmartKey activation, there’s less chance of ‘unwanted visitors’ in your house.

The advantages of fitting a pet door are:

  • Freedom for pets to exercise and explore
  • Set the access options and once set, the pet can access the pet door freely without owner intervention
  • Easy installation in doors, windows and walls and also to internal doors or cages to create sanctuaries
  • Locking and selective entry options to prevent strays and other unwanted visitors from entering
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Choosing the right Pet Door


We offer a vast range of options for different pet sizes and for fitting and finishes to complement your home. So we want to make it as easy for you as possible to choose a pet door that’s right for you and right for your pet.

First you’ll need to select a door based on the size and weight of your cat or dog. Next you’ll need to decide where you’re going to fit it – door, wall or window. And most importantly you’ll need to decide whether you’ll want to stop unwanted visitors getting in!

Feature Product

Petporte smart flap® - Microchip

  • The world’s first microchip cat flap uses your cat’s existing microchip to allow her entry.
  • Keeps out strays
  • Program up to 25 cats
  • Developed by veterinary professionals

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